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Endless Oddities



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My champions page

Update 5-20-20 Gencon has been cancelled for this year I will see you next year!

update 5-7-20

They have delayed the Signing up of events and Finding the Wizard Morath will not go live on 5-10-20 and they have not said when they might be. Or if it will be cancelled in which case since we already paid for the house we would be out. We may go just because we rented the house. 

update 1/27/20

The event is titled Find The wizard Morath it runs at 10am and 4pm thursday friday and saturday. Good luck getting in.

2-9-10 we are in the new place officially with some stuff to move from my room mates The event is in. In the service of Slymariana. I hope it can be completed in 4 hours.

5-31-19 The gencon event is full the roll20 champions event is up Garnet City heroes.

7-21-19 All the printing of the final copy is done the printing and binding to begin in the next few days.

7-26-2019 the printing coallating and binding of the adventures and 2 master copies are one

8-8-19 Another good Gencon is done and i would like to make a shout out to the saturday morning group who gave me a standing ovation it had not happened since 22 years ago back in a hallway in Milwaukee It was quite thrill to be rewarded in such fashion I am glad you guys enjoyed the adventure that much. John

9-16-19 I have been dodging a hacker and updating is hard when I have to keep changing passwords

This gaming group was formed in 2009 because gm names were no longer usable. It was the first time in many years I have had to make a gaming group. So far I have run at 22 confirmed gencons. There is one more event in conjecture which could be 23 runs. I have missed three Gencons two to sisters weddings and a third to my dads health. I began attending the con with the same people i go with including this year, We are very good friends who met in college and still keep in touch. I am a quite experienced gm and can adapt to most any situation. So here is the advice part of it,

 I would like to say first of all if you want an event that is full bring generics. I have turned one player in 22 years away because we were full. The sign up lottery is only about 78% of those who sign up in may come. So there are spots. I usually have an extra character for generics even the original tickets show up.

The upcoming sequence of adventures are around the city of Snowfall. The first is Savage Disturbance. The second adventure is the crystal tower in 2017 or late 2016. Third adventure is being written now. I think there will be seven or eight adventures.

There are seven adventures written at this time all of which have not been tested. I am hoping to test them one at a time so they can be adjusted. There is a play test coming so if your interested read the play test page. The snowfall series will be fun to play is quite challenging at times. There are few of notorious traps in any of them. I think all of them will be enjoyed,

The introduction for Savage disturbance is under the D&D 5 tab. So is the crystal tower which is the 2017 adventure. has an introduction there. I will add more as the next GENCON passes in time,

The pcs are presented in brief on the meet the characters page. They are all solid characters and pretty equal in power. The only thing that will make some better is the creativeness of who plays each. The new backgrounds give more of a personal outlook on the character.

The page has gotten some feedback about being plain and i want to clear up the myth it needs to be all bling like. I am just trying to give people a heads up on what is coming for future GENCON's. Many have visited this con for many years like me. If you have never been to the 4 day convention it can be confusing the first year or two finding the hotels with your games in them. I have been banished to JW Marriot and it the farthest west hotel on the north side of the convention center. It takes a bit to get there and it on the book maps as to how to get there both through the skywalk and by ground. 

Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to sign up for play tests or give feedback via contact me tab.